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80's Party Massacre: Phantom Superstar
Created By Alex Lang & Claudia Yvette
Written By Alex Lang
Artwork By Claudia Yvette

Las Angeles 1984
shows a poster of Johnny Shock in a bedroom slightly slanted pinned to the wall
Kloudygirl:  [narration] Johnny Shock was hot... i don't mean that the music was hot... but he was pure sex... the way he moved... his voice could make a kitten purr... up until his death you could say he lost his passion like he sold his soul for immortality and he was getting bored
cut to stage, fans screaming, topless women holding up signs the rock star is carving L.A. into his chest
Johnny: fuck you las angelas good night!
cut to back stage
the rock star does a huge line of coke and starts injecting heroin
manager: hey! Johnny take it easy on the drugs
Johnny: this is shit anyway!
Violet: Mr. Shock!
Johnny: well... hello? whats your name?
Violet: my name is violet i'm your number one fan i was wondering if i could get your autograph (she pulls out a copy of his first album Phantom Superstar and he spaces it out
Violet: mr shock?
Johnny: oh sorry... where did you dig up this old fossil?
Violet: its my Favorite
Johnny signs the cd
Violet (she reads the cd) stay... shocked your pal Johnny WOW! thank you! (she walks away)
Manager: whats with you? usually you'ed be all up in that
Johnny: i need to be alone
(he goes into a back area of the back stage)
he sits infront of the mirror he smokes a cigarette two red eyes appear behind johnny
Johnny: i knew you'ed come eventually
Record Executive: you signed a contract mr... shock... and you're last 30 albums werent so successful... and now its time to pay what you owe... (he holds up his fist and its a fist full of knives purturding out of his fist wrapped up in barbed wire and held together with nails
Johnny closes his eyes
Johnny: i am faded
(the fist knife hand slashes at johnny and blood splatters and cacades everywhere)
johnny lays dead on the floor covered in blood
a big breasted groupie enters the room
Groupie: johnny? (gasps) and screams
Cut to Banana Records
a girl stands in the sound booth crying with mascara running down her face
Al3k5 shoves a gun in her face
Al3k5: now! are you gonna sing the song right like a good little popstar
Popstar: yes! (sobs)
Al3k5: YES WHAT?!
Popstar: yes sir! (sniffles)
Al3k5: thats right! stupid little bitch
Secretary: sir you have a phone call on line 1
he throws his headphones accross the room in frustrated rage
Al3k5: Jesus Fucking Christ connie i'm kind of in the middle of something
Secretary: your gonna wanna take this call
he picks up the phone
Al3k5: what?!... oh... oh shit... yeah.. i can meet you later yeah no shit...
Cut to radio station
Kloudygirl: Welcome back to Klg crazy awesome radio... i'm sad to announce the death of an artist and close friend of mine today is sad day for music 27 year old johnny shock passed away late last night
[outside city streets night time]
Al3k5 [narration] the streets of hollywood was plagued with disease like every other day the alleys layed waste to dead junkies and broken dreams, its amazing how they can kill someone without actually killing someone after they're first scene with double penitration they stand there with a check in hand confused with what to do with it, looking dead inside theres a reason why i set up my studio in the valley, its a pit of despair its brings the best out of people(lights a cigarette and stands outside the bar) being an emmy award winning record producer just gives me the rights to treat these up and comming teeny bopper popstars how ever i want before they turn into trainwrecks... someones gotta teach them its not all about sunshine lollipops and rainbows... to be honest fuck hollywood
he passes a news paper with johnny shock on the front saying rock star dead at 27
al3k5 sits at a booth with kloudygirl and Violet
Violet: i can't believe he's dead
Al3k5: johnny was a fucking idiot
KG: how could you say that
Al3k5: he used to be the smartest guy in the room after his success of Phantom Superstar he became a tottally different person
KG: are you still mad about that
Al3k5: i just thought after Phantom Superstar we'ed work on other shit together like when we were kids, fuck me for sounding like a piece of shit
KG: the weird part is he didn't die like a typical rock star
Violet: they said he was stabbed to death 87 times
KG: and toxicology report said he had every single drug in his system
Al3k5: well our friend johnny did a little too much and stabbed himself a bit to many mystery solved (puts his cigarette out and walks away)
Violet: why does he hate johnny so much?
KG: because johnny wrote most of the music on phantom superstar with al3k5 and al3k5 didn't get any credit for it
cut to al3k5 in the bathroom
al3k5 is just washing his hands he looks in the mirror and sees johnnys reflection he quickly turns around and sees nothing he looks back at the mirror
Al3k5: great, the ghost of johnny shock is haunting me, fuck off john...
(he sits back at the table)
Al3k5: so whens the funeral
Violet: you actually wanna go?
Al3k5: i have to make sure hes dead...
KG: its tomarrow...
Poperazzi: hey its the cat pack!
Photographers appear like lightning at there table and start snapping pictures
Poperazzi: al3k5 whats your group gonna be like without its leader?
Al3k5: unlike the rest of the country we don't follow an idiot
[cut to a magazein cover with a picture of the group]
with captains that read: the cat pack seen at [famous la bar]
emmy award winning record producer Al3k5 lashed out at reporters
[cut to radio station]
KG: ok boppers this one goes out to a special friend this is for you johnny where ever you are
cut to funeral
al3k5: god this is depressing...
KG: just wait till the after party...
preist: so we lay Johnathan Simon Shaw to rest ashes to ashes dust to dust now lets all get drunk... that was requested by the deceased
(everyone cheers)
cut to the after party
(the group is cramped in a bathroom stale doing various drugs)
Al3k5 is snorting coke off a toilet tank
violet: you shouldn't do that shit, its bad!
al3k5:  how bad?
KG: so bad!
al3k5:  well than.... i'm a bad person
al3k5: this party blows.. the only thing thats fun, is the drugs... every hollywood idiot out there is crying about johnny acting like they new him but i know... i was with him for 11 months trying to get him off heroin
KG: I remember...
Al3k5: none of these fake ass mother fuckers were there remember the label was threatening to cut him loose he quit that shit... and he severed his contract and said fuck you, i'm gonna start my own label,
Violet: didn't you talk him into that?
Al3k5: i was telling him, dude.. when your clean and shit you should start a label...
KG: we should go get drinks
Al3k5: oh fuck... good idea
KG: you coming?
Violet: yeah... i'll be out there in a minute... i actually have to pee
(violet walks out of the stall to wash her hands)
Johnny sneaks up behind her
Johnny: hello violet
violet: (she gasps) johnny!
johnny is coverd in blood with stab wounds and very pale, but somehow violet is not afraid infact she find him more attractive
Johnny: don't be afraid...
Violet: are you a ghost?
(he takes her hand)
Johnny: you're in danger... theres a killer among them... save yourself.. and you're soul
Violet: johnny! (a tear streams down her face) don't go!
Johnny: hey kid, just play a record... and i'll always be there
(she looks down)
al3k5: sits alone at the bar watching jennifer from a distence and drinks the shot infront of him
she notices him and approaches him
Jennifer: how about a drink mister?
Al3k5: he looks up and makes a face like he hasn't seen this person in a long time "jennifer...
(she smiles)
Al3k5: you want me? to buy you a drink... arent you rich?
Jennifer: well its nice to see you too, you don't have to be so fucking mean
Al3k5: i'm being mean (he turns to some dude) she says i'm being mean, if i'm not mistaken you left me for johnny i mean correct me if i'm wrong..
Jennifer: i'll admit.. i made a mistake... i'm sorry
Al3k5: what?! i can't hear so good, i spend my life ifront of a speaker and terrible singers all day i think you said your sorry and you made a mistake are you admiting to something
Jennifer: shut up and buy me a drink
Al3k5: i don't have to, its a open bar or do you just want me to throw money around?
Jennifer: your drunk!
Al3k5: psh!
Jennifer: i miss you...
Al3k5:  (hes about take a shot but stops than drinks it anyway) sorry... (he stands up) i don't do sloppy seconds
Jennifer: throws a vodka martini in al3k5s face "you jerk!"
Al3k5: Hey! that was surrprisingly pleasent! do it again! (he picks up another drink)
Johnny: bitchin, billy idol showed up
Al3k5 spits up his drink
people at the party stair at him
Al3k5: ok thats like the third time now, are you haunting me or what if you are haunting me what the fuck did i do,
Johnny: your the pud that stopped speaking to me?
Al3k5: oh yeah sure ok
(he orders another drink)
Al3k5: another drink please
Johnny: havent you had enough
Al3k5: (he downs the drink and slams the drink on the bar and rushes off towards the exit)
KG: Al3k5? where you going?
Al3k5: i gotta go, i'm having a nervous break down or something
KG: al3k5?
(cut to al3k5 in his delorean)
Johnny: i seriously don't think you should be driving,
(he starts the car)
Johnny: especially when your having haulicinations of a dead guy
Al3k5: its just my imagination (his nose starts bleeding)
Johnny: your nose is bleeding, fuck how much have you had hah your fuct
Al3k5: SHUT UP!
Johnny: damnit i'm trying to help you? stop the car before you kill yourself, remember when i said, if i die i'm haunting your ass, motherfucker i meant that,
(the car comes to a hault)
Al3k5: who do you think it was?
Johnny: i never saw his face only his hands like a fist full of knives it was almost unhuman
Al3k5: could have been morning star records? they were always pissed off about severing the contract
Johnny: he said something
(flash back)
Record Executive: you signed a contract mr... shock... and you're last 30 albums werent so successful... and now its time to pay what you owe... (he holds up his fist and its a fist full of knives purturding out of his fist wrapped up in barbed wire and held together with nails
Al3k5: had to of been!
Officer: are you okay son? you've been talking to yourself for past 30 minutes
Al3k5: oh shit, yeah i had to stop because i was... to drunk to drive.. i thought i should pull over and trying to sober up before i do anything
Officer: thats some smart thinking, carry on...
Johnny: you are such a fucking boy scout sometimes
Al3k5: i think i'm gonna be puke
Johnny: so would you look into the head of Morning Star Records
Al3k5: are you fucked? i don't wanna get killed next
Johnny: i understand
Al3k5: fuck! fine... have you haunted anyone else
Johnny: that fan girl violet, KG smoke so much pot she laughs every time she sees me
Al3k5: oh claudia
The Next Morning (alex wakes up in his car)
Al3k5: fuck you sun! (he lights a cigarette) ugh, i feel like i partied with van halen
(he walks into the lobby of morning star records)
lobby receptionist: yes how may i help you?
Al3k5: well, uhm hello dominique, wow..
Dominique: what? (she smiles)
Al3k5: thats just a really beautiful name
Dominque: awww your so sweet... (she blushes)
Al3k5: oh i was wondering how i can get in touch with the head of morning star records, or could i make an apointment? heres my card?
Dominique: ohh your an engineer?  
Mr. Morningstar: well, well well a... l... three... k.. five heheh to what do i owe the pleasure you want your old job back is 1188 records failing?
Al3k5: freelance work i'm looking for a challange
Mr. Morningstar: i like your attitude al3k5 follow me
Dominque slips her number to al3k5
(shes makes the call me phone gesture)
Mr. Morningstar: i've heared your work with big name artists, won grammys, you've made a lot of people a lot of money
Al3k5: egh...
Mr. Morningstar: here at morningstar records we inovate new technology with music
Al3k5: processing? eliminating reel to reel tape, to make a cheaper album, and sell it for a much higher price
Mr. morningstar: exactly, you thought the synthesizer was the way of the future,
cut to morningstars office
Mr. M: i believe by the year 2015 music wont even be played by humans anymore
Al3k5: programming? your talking about programming
(Mr. Morningstar pulls out a pistol and points it at al3k5)
Mr.M: Why are you really here?
Al3k5: freelance... (a beed of sweat drips from his brow)
Mr.M: Liar!
(Mr m fires his weapon, and al3k5 ducks out of the way, he hides behind a desk)
Johnny: hey man hows it goin?
Al3k5: what the fuck are you doing here?
Johnny: i came to help, unfortunatly i'm a ghost and can't do shit...
Al3k5: your a lot of help!?
Mr. M: (he changes the clip) come out now... and you wont suffer.... too much
Al3k5: can't you posses somebody? like... the guy shooting at me...
Johnny: i can't... he's surrounded by dark energy...
Al3k5: theres a receptionist outside the office posses.. her
(johnny enters the girls body, and the possesed girl busts through the door her eyes are white and souless looking shes making weird noises, mr m quickly turns to her and shoots her five times in the chest and she still comes towards him she tackles him onto the desk)
Possesed Dominique: theres your chance! go!
(alexs runs out of the office, cut to him driving in his car)
Johnny: well that went well
Johnny: i'm pretty sure, he's the one who put the hit out on me
Al3k5: you think? i don't think he's any ordinary fucking record exec, listen, i gotta go see kg, i think she might have some pot, or valiume because i almost fucking died...
Johnny: ah its not so bad once you bleed out... the bad news is your gonna get to fuck that girl
(cut to radio station)
KG: And that was keep feeling fascination by the human league...
(she sees alex outside the booth gesturing her to come out)
Kg: were gonna take a short break... but we'll be right back on Klg crazy awesome radio
Kg: whats up?
Al3k5: some crazy shit... holy fuck!
kg: calm down (she passes him a bong)
(al3k5 hits the bong)
Al3k5: i almost got killed by the head of morningstar records and johnnys fucking ghost is following me around
Kg: wait... what?
Al3k5: i think maybe i've spent to much time in the studio ... i started seeing him yesterday or the day before told me to go investigate morningstar records turns out the guy is a nut job
kg: thats... crazy
Al3k5: yeah?! i know!
Violet: you've seen him too?
Kg: yeah sure... you guys thats a really crap joke
Al3k5: oh my god... it is a joke a sick twisted practical joke sent from beyond by our dead friend... i only wish it could be so funny
KG: okay is he here right now? (she laughs with disbeleif)
Al3k5: hes standing right behind you
(he puts his hand on her shoulder)
Johnny: i'm here kg... i'm right here... i'm sorry...
Al3k5: he's saying he's sorry... sorry for being a jerk... i'm sorry i alienated my true friends
Kg: (she touches her shoulder where johnnys hand is, and a tear streams down her cheek) oh.. johnny
i've gotten kinda of bored with the story
and i don't know where to take it anymore

so i've decided after these last 8 pages
in february and march
it will all come to an end
i've gotten kinda of bored with the story
and i don't know where to take it anymore

so i've decided after these last 8 pages
in february and march
it will all come to an end


Alex J. Lang
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

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